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OPAC Ink & Toner in addition to providing consumers with convenient shopping environment, we also attach great importance to your privacy, provide for the privacy statement. Please read the following privacy protected content.

Access to personal data
When a user entered "OPAC Ink & Toner" related sites, basically the user does not need to enter personal information such as name or e-mail address. Unless you want to join the members of this site, otherwise the user’s personal information will not be acquired by us without notifying.

"OPAC Ink & Toner" related sites will record the user IP or the site of browser, and other related activities, but such information is only used for network traffic analysis and investigation, in order to improve the services of our site.

In some cases, such as when a user requests a membership subscription newsletters and other services, or participate in other activities, "OPAC Ink & Toner" related sites may require users to log personal information in order to facilitate contact, to complete the transaction , to provide services, or subscribe to deal with procedures in such circumstances, "OPAC Ink & Toner" related sites inform users are aware of the obligations, if users opt not to receive any advertising or contact information, "OPAC Ink & Toner" will be completely Respect it.

Use of personal data

"OPAC Ink & Toner" and its related sites by the personal data obtained are only "OPAC Ink & Toner" internal use in accordance with the original description of the purpose and scope. Except with the prior statement or Hong Kong in accordance with the relevant legal provisions, or "OPAC Ink & Toner" absolutely will not provide the user’s personal data to third parties or used for other purposes.


In order to facilitate users, "OPAC Ink & Toner" related sites may use cookie to provide more suitable methods for the needs of individual users; cookie is a technology used to communicate between host websites and users’ browser. In a user’s computer may store information due to cookies technology, but users can cancel or limit this feature through the browser’s settings.

Data security
To protect your personal privacy and security, your personal account information within "OPAC Ink & Toner" and its related sites is password protected.

In some circumstances, "OPAC Ink & Toner" related site uses the world’s most advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128bit encrypted transmission mechanism, to protect your information on the safety of transmission.

Internet Links

"OPAC Ink & Toner" and its related sites may contain links to other websites. Regardless of their content or privacy policy of other website, we have nothing to do.

Modify personal accounts and information
If a user’s personal information changes or personal data that is not correct, the user can correct or amend at any time within "OPAC Ink & Toner" related sites, including requests to stop sending newsletters, advertising and other related information.